Egenda Ege Energy Production Co.


Acting as the company that realises Enda Energy Holding Co.’s investments and executes activities, Egenda’s original purpose of foundation was to win the privatisation tender for the Izmir-Manisa electricity distribution grid. However, in the following terms Egenda focused on energy production and, in this context, subsequently took into operation  Tuzla GPP, Eğlence I and Eğlence II HPP ,Yaylaköy WEPP, Germiyan WEPP, Urla WEPP , Alaçatı WEPP ve Mordoğan WEPP facilities.

Since 1997, whether through its subsidiaries or affiliates, EGENDA only operates in the energy sector. As an investor, its fields of activity and interests lie in developing energy investment projects that use any form of production technology that prefer renewable sources, carry out investments and operate power plants.

Operational Facilities:

1.       Eğlence I HPP
2.       Eğlence II HPP
3.       Alaçatı WPP
4.       Germiyan WPP
5.       Mordoğan WPP
6.       Urla WPP