Board of Directors






Currently the Chairman of Bakioğlu Holding, Cem Bakioğlu was born in Izmir in 1945. After completing elementary education in Izmir he attended Hakimiyeti Milliye, St. Joseph Secondary School, Galatasaray Lycee, Commerce College before graduating from Izmir Financial and Commercial Sciences Academy. In 1973 he founded Bak Packaging Industry and Trade Co. During the 1990’s Bakioğlu opened facilities designed to utilise plastic film, printing rollers and plastic waste. He increased his share in exports by improving quality and investing in technology. He is the chairman and member of the boards of directors of a series of companies mainly in the packaging business but also media, construction, insurance, IT and logistics that are mostly concentrated in the Izmir Ataturk Organised Industrial Zone. In 2017 Bakioğlu also invested in prospects focused at producing frozen fruit and vegetables. Besides TUSIAD (Industrialists and Businesspersons Association of Turkey) and ESIAD (Industrialists and Businesspersons Association of the Aegean Region) he is the founder and chairperson of several NGOs and Kent Hospital – the largest private hospital in Izmir.  In 1995, he founded the Aegean Forest Foundation, the organisation behind the planting of 9 million trees, contributing to the reforestation of the region. Bakioğlu has proven his dedication to education by opening the Cem Bakioğlu Anatolian High School with 34 classrooms  and an indoor sports hall. He is married and a father of two. Cem Bakioğlu can speak English and French.





Deputy President


Born 1942 in Denizli, Samim Sivri got his degree in Business Administration from Izmir Faculty of Economy, Department of Business Administration in 1965. After his military service he was occupied in trading Steel and Iron products in Karabük, he later worked for steel and iron trading companies in Izmir after 1972 and eventually became one of the founding partners of Izmir Steel and Iron Industries Co. in 1983. He founded and managed several companies involved in the production of construction industry products. While still working for these companies, in 1995, he became a member of the Board of Directors of Kipa Co. as one of the founding partners. In 2004, he became a founding member of Private Kent Hospital where he acted as a member of the board of directors for long years.He was the Founding Member and Member of the Board of Directors of Enda Energy Co. (est. 1993) and Egenda Co (est. 1997). Sivri acted as the President of the Board of Directors of these companies between 2010-2015. He has also personally played a role in the foundation of various NGOs (like ESIAD and EGEV) and acted as their director. Currently he acts as Deputy President of the Board of Directors at Enda Energy Holding and Egenda Energy Co. Samim Sivri also is a partner in various companies working in construction material production as well as acting as the President of the Board of Directors of TARKEM Historic Kemeralti Co


Ahmet Metin TARHAN



Ahmet Metin Tarhan was born in Samsun in 1947. He graduated from METU in 1970 as a Mechanical Engineer. He moved to Izmir after completing a graduate degree from METU in 1974. There, he founded Ege Servis Ltd. to operate in the automotive sector. Since 1985, as Ege Servis he is the Authorised Dealer for Borusan Automotive in Izmir. He is also one of the founding members of Enda Energy Holding Co.


Süleyman Kamil ŞENOCAK



Süleyman Kamil Şenocak was born in Izmir in 1956. He graduated from Rhode Island University in 1979 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. In 1991, he became Vice President at Agora Tourism and Trade Co and between 1991-2008 he acted as the Managing Director, Member and Vice President of the Board of Directors at Klimasan. He is a partner of Enda holding Co.



Selçuk Borovalı


Selçuk Borovalı was born in Izmir in 1970. He graduated from Bosporus University, Faculty of Sciences and Letters in 1993 with a degree in Chemistry. Later, he completed a degree in Milling Engineering at the Swiss Milling School in St. Gallen and worked at Söke Mills for about a year after his return to the country. Having completed his compulsory military service, he worked at family companies until 2006. Subsequently, he founded Ege Agricultural Energy Co. and DB Agricultural Energy Co. to grow domestic agricultural products based on contracted agriculture model and producing biofuel from the agricultural products and waste to eventually create an import substitution. In 2014 he expanded his field of activity after succeeded in producing “refined glycerine” from agricultural products. Besides being the Honorary Consul for the Republic of Slovakia in Izmir, he still acts as a Member of the Board of Directors at family companies and several associations and foundations,.

Ahmet Sırrı Yırcalı


Ahmet Sırrı Yırcalı was born in Istanbul in 1975. He graduated from Bryant University (USA), Faculties of Business Management and Social Sciences in 1999. To date he has acted as the Vice President of Balıkesir Chamber of Industry, Board Chairperson of Turkish Union of Chamber and Commodity Exchange (TOBB) Balıkesir Province Young Entrepreneurs, Member of the Board of Directors at the Confederation of the Young Businesspeople of Turkey (TUGIK), Vice President of Balıkesir Young Businesspeople Association and President of the Board of Executives at the Aegean Young Businesspeople Federation. He currently acts as Vice President of the Board of Executives at Yırcalı Holding Co., Vice President of the Board of Executives and Executive Director at BEST Co., Vice President of the Board of Executives at Balyem Co., President of the Board of Executives at Yersa Co., Vice President of the Board of Executives at Karesi Energy Co., Vice President of the Board of Executives at Akhisar Energy Co., Member of the Board of Executives at Gönen HPP Co., Vice President of the Board of Executives at Mortas Energy Co., President of the Board of Executives at Balikesir Weaving Co., Member of the Board of Executives at Pamuk HPP Co., Member of the Board of Executives at TARKEM, Vice President of the Board of Executives at BEST Electricity Co. and Member of the Senior Advisory Board at the Young Businesspeople Confederation of Turkey.


Murat Demirer


Born in 1940 in Urla-Izmir, Murat Demirer graduated from the Department of Architecture at Istanbul Technical University in 1964. Today, other than DEMIRER Group of Companies, he acts as manager and a consultant in companies from a variety of sectors. Apart from being President of the Board of Directors and Assembly Member at EBSO, Vice President of TOBB’s Turkish Chambers of Industry Council, President of IAOSB Administrative Committee, President of the Board of Directors at KOSBI, Member of the Board of Directors at ESBAS, Vice President of the Board of Directors at EGEV, Demirer is a partner of Enda Energy Holding and Egenda Co.




Born in 1964, Koray Kıymaz holds a degree in Electricity-Electronics Engineering and Mathematics from Bosporus University. In 1994 he got his post-graduate degree in Economist from Tulane University, USA. Until 2000, he worked as a management consultant at McKinsey & Co. Later, he became Director of Business Development, Customer Services and Marketing at Avea Telecommunication Co. and then worked for Turk Telekom Co. as a management consultant. Since 2009 he has been working as a Member of the Board of Executives responsible for Business Development at Fina Energy Holding. He is a member of the Board of Directors at Enda Energy Holding Co. representing Fina Holding.

 Hüseyin Metin Tuncay 


Born in Izmir, in 1963, H.Metin TUNCAY first finished Izmir-Karşıyaka High School before graduating from 9 Eylül University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.In 1985, he started working for BBC Brown Boveri (Switzerland) and from 1987 to 2001 he worked as an engineer, director and senior manager at Yaşar Holding subsidiaries DESA,DESA-OTAK and DESA Energy. He has assumed various positions in ENDA Energy Holding Co. since 2001. He still acts as Managing Director and Chairperson of the Executive Board at ENDA Energy Holding Co. and Group Companies. Throughout his professional career Tuncay has been involved in planning, design, manufacture - installation, operation - maintenance and electricity trading for various energy productionprojects in Turkey (Ak Energy, Zorlu Energy, Enerjisa etc.) and abroad (GE, MAN, Siemens, Vattenfall, Alstom, BP, VATech) that use a variety of energy sources (natural gas, coal, hydro, geothermal, wind and solar). Besides memberships to and duties for a range of domestic and international organisations and associations, Tuncay has made presentations and studies on the energy sector in Turkey at various international events. Tuncay is married with a child and is fluent in English.